Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I qualify? What are the requirements?

You must be enrolled with Rifco for a minimum 3 months to qualify. Your Dealer Partner Development Representative will personalize a target for you based on the program's qualification requirements and your dealership.

2. What are the levels and what distinguishes them?

We have three different status levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the status, the more privileges will be offered. Being in The Club means you will be placed as a top priority. Please see what the different levels offer HERE .

3. Who should I talk to, to get started up?

Contact your Dealer Partner Development Representative (DPDR)

4. Does the 'Bonus Dealer Reserve' go directly to the Business Manager or the Dealership?

All reserves, as well as additional regional contests and promotions are given in accordance with dealership policies.

5. Who gets to go to the Rifco Dealer Partner Conference?

Depending on your status, Bronze dealers will be invited to participate in the conference, while Silver dealers will receive 1 complimentary trip and Gold dealers will receive 2 complimentary trips. All Graduates must maintain their status a minimum of 2 months prior to the dealer conference in order to qualify. Qualification cut off is end of August.

The Dealer Conference occurs every November, and location and dates are announced a year in advance.

Your DPDR will communicate with you and your dealer principle to discuss who will physically attend the conference according to dealership policy.

6. Will I get a 'dedicated buyer'?

One of the benefits you will be gaining is the support of a dedicated credit analyst/buyer.

7. When does the '60 Day Deferral' start?

It will start the day you qualify into the Fast Forward 500 Club, this is a benefit for Silver and Gold dealers. If you choose the 60 day deferral option, it will be available in the drop down menu on your worksheet in Dealertrack.

8. How do I receive my custom merchandise points? And are the points only good for custom merchandise? How will it get deducted and how do I find my balance? Who do I contact if I have points and I want to order a product?

Once you have been notified that you have qualified into the fast Forward 500 Club, you will be able to use your points right away; the amount will depend on your status level.

The points are only for purchasing Rifco Custom Merchandise. Your point balance is available to you when you get your Welcome Package.

To order a product(s), fill out the form and either fax or email back to Rifco. You will be contacted by Head Office to confirm your purchase. 

9. How and when do the dealers receive/accumulate the points? What if I go from Bronze to Silver within the year? What do I get for that?

You will automatically receive a certain number of points when you graduate into the Fast Forward 500 Club, with each status receiving a different amount. Points are reloaded at the beginning of each year if you are a Silver or Gold Dealer. (The year is based on the month the dealership reached their current level).

If your status changes, you will receive the remaining difference. You will not be deducted for the points if you do not maintain your status level. Unused points will roll over into the next year if you are a Silver or Gold Dealer..

11. Do I have to use all my custom merchandise points?

Points last one year if you are a Bronze Dealer before they expire. Points last two years if you are a Silver Dealer, if you are a Gold Dealer your points do not expire. 

If you are a Silver or Gold Dealer unused points can roll over into the next calendar year if you continue to be active in the FF500 Club. There is a maximum amount of points you can reach before you must use them in order to receive more points

Gold – 100, 0000 Maximum

Silver – 50,000 Maximum

Bronze – 15,000 Maximum

12. Are points awarded each year?

New points are awarded to Silver and Gold Dealers at the beginning of the year. (The year is based on the month the dealership reached their current level).

13. Are there any fees associated with The Club?

No fees!

14. If a Business Manager who has Fast Forward 500 Club privileges relocates to another dealership, do the benefits and status transfer with the Business Manager?

Fast Forward 500 benefits are tacked to the dealership not the business office. You will have to re-qualify at the new location.