“I want to say that since I signed up with you guys there is just something different about Rifco over all the other lenders out there, and it is a “good kind of different”.  I look at a lot of the major lenders like TD and SDA as simply banks that are there for me to submit to and hope things work out. With Rifco I enjoy calling in and dealing with everyone at your office, I enjoy trying to make a deal work that we thought wouldn’t, and most important I enjoy the approach you guys take with your dealers.  I think other lenders look at their dealers as “numbers” whereas Rifco sees Sherwood Chevrolet as a partner. We all know that in sub-prime the % rates and payment calls are maybe the biggest factors! I would say the most important asset to a lender is SPEED! I have to say you guys are the fastest at getting things done. From income to funding I always know that we are a priority with you guys and that is a great feeling. It always seems like Rifco is looking for bigger and better ways to do business!  Unlike some other lenders we truly feel like Rifco is looking for opportunities to buy more deals and bring in more business.  We are proud to be a Silver Dealer and hope that in the near future we can get into the golden club! Thanks again for all the work you do for us and the support you give Sherwood Chevrolet!!”  

Larry Bourne

Sherwood Chevrolet

"Rifco and O'Brians Automotive Inc. together are working as true a partnership, managing all areas of the relationship together. Rifco works with us to provide opportunities to work with client leads that they generate as a preferred vendor. We have truly worked together to expand the vendor/dealer relationship to new levels, and constantly look for new ways and opportunities to push the relationship to mutually beneficial levels. Thanks for being a great, forward thinking partner Rifco.

Mike Dupuis

O'Brians Automotive

I have been dealing with Subprime financing for over 10 years and have dealt with many banks in that time: AmeriCredit, HSBC, Wells Fargo, TD Auto Finance, Scotia Dealer Advantage, Carfinco, Cars on Credit. I can honestly say that the best experience I have had dealing with a non prime bank has been with RIFCO over the past 15 months. I know that I can go over a deal with any one of the lenders….but Dina is always ready and available to help me! I know that Rob is always looking after my best interest and trying to get me to the next level. I know that the funding department is doing their best to make sure my deals get funded in a timely fashion. I know that income is going to be verified faster than any other bank could get it done. I don’t feel like a number with Rifco…I feel like my dealership’s business truly matters. I am looking forward to growing with Rifco and increasing the amount of deals I book with you each month as my dealership’s business continues to grow.    

Chris Whelan

RightRide Calgary

“Our partnership with Rifco is our most valuable business relationship. Their common sense approach to non-prime lending and quick income verification time, makes it possible for us to reach our goals every month. The entire Rifco team, from sales reps, credit analysts, and management understands the non-prime market and what we require as a dealer to be successful.”


Jason Sisson

Sisson Auto Finance and Sales

Rifco has quickly become the lender of choice for our Finance Team. Chris and Farid are absolute legends! Their willingness to answer calls/texts/emails (even before, after their shift) quickly really helps our team maximize every opportunity. When exceptions are needed they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied. They are an integral part of our success and we are working hard to be their number 1 dealer in Canada.

Adam Lloyd

O'Brians Automotive

"Hare Motors is a family run independent used dealership and values working with Rifco National Auto Finance for the sub-prime lending it offers. Quick decisions, seamless income verification and fast funding of contracts makes working with Rifco very easy and together with Mandeep Dhaliwal, I know he knows our business needs and with Rifco. they can tailor the right programs where we all benefit."  

Gursh Nijjar

Hare Motors

“The team at Rifco are fast and efficient. Hands down the best team going!”  

Brent Hoy

Port City Auto Experts