Why Rifco?

Partnership: what does that mean to you?

To RIFCO it means a whole lot.

In particular, we take a long term approach as our relationship managers and credit team work towards helping you sell more cars and make more profit. We will gain your loyalty by giving you the ‘best in class’ service by;

  • Creativity – human adjudication of credit applications
  • Consistency – single product line makes us accountable to our dealers
  • Communication – Pick up the phone and talk to us
  • Clear – Yes is yes
  • Capable – We have the resources to lend
  • Caring – We care about making profit to allow us to lend into your future
  • Canadian – We are here to stay
  • Compensation – We reward our dealers


In Addition:

  • You have direct access to a lender…just pick up the phone
  • We pay you quickly….same or next day
  • We pay very well….on the financed amount
  • Our rates and terms are competitive

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