Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the FF/500 Loyalty Program

You need to register online at www.rifco.net/ff500-register. You will need to provide a user name (we suggest something you remember), email address, phone number, and current dealership you are at to enroll. You will also need to be working at a dealership active with Rifco to receive the status benefits and accumulate points.

What are the benefits of the FF500 Program?

As long as you work with a dealership that is actively enrolled with Rifco, you can register for a FF/500 number and start putting in your FF/500 number into all your booked deals.

The FF/500 benefits are being part of the Million Dollar Club, and points rewards.

The FF/500 qualification period begins on January 1 of each calendar year and ends on December 31 of the same year.

What is the Million Dollar Club?

Track the deals you book with Rifco with your FF/500 Number! There are two ways to have your FF500 number tracked:

  1. You put your FF500 Number in each booked deal with Rifco. No matter what dealership you are at, your FF500 number belongs to you.
  2. Dealerships with multiple Business Managers (BM), each BM has their own FF500 number, and Rifco will pool all of the FF500 booked deals to get you to a million booked! The BM with the most deals will represent the dealership at the Dealer Conference.

Every million dollar milestone will be celebrated.

  • Complimentary trip to the Rifco Dealer Conference
  • Million Dollar Club Award
  • Faster Service
  • Dealership Celebration
  • Invitation to the President’s Dinner
Who gets to go to the Rifco Dealer Partner Conference?

Million Dollar Club members will receive a complimentary trip to the Rifco Dealer Conference.


How do I get rewards points?

Collect points over the year for swag, shout-outs and dealership celebrations. Let’s find out what Dealership dominates with Rifco

Point Values

10           Each Submitted Application
20           Income Received on Approved Applications
30           Structured Apps with Income Satisfied
1000      Booked Points

*With opportunities for bonus points and multipliers!

Are there any fees associated with The Club?

No fees!

Who is eligible to enroll in the FF/500 Loyalty Program?

If you are an authorized business or finance employee, at a Rifco active and enrolled automobile dealership, you are eligible to enroll, and become a Member in the Program.

Do I keep my status if I move dealerships?

Yes, your FF/500 number remains with you no matter what dealership you move to. In order to receive the benefits, the dealerships you are at must be active with Rifco.