Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the FF/500 Loyalty Program

You need to register online at www.rifco.net/ff500-register. You will need to provide a user name (we suggest something you remember), email address, phone number, and current dealership you are at to enroll. You will also need to be working at a dealership active with Rifco to receive the status benefits and accumulate points.

How do I qualify for FF/500 Status

We have three different status levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the status, the more privileges will be offered. Being in The Club means you will be placed as a top priority.

The FF/500 status qualification period begins on January 1 of each calendar year and ends on December 31 of the same year. Your benefits start as soon as you successfully reach a FF/500 status level, and will last until the June 30 of the of the following calendar year.

Do I have to qualify for FF/500 Status every year?

Yes. During the course of the year, you need to Book a certain amount of deals to reach FF/500 Status benefits the following year, so be sure to keep an eye on your Total Booked Deals number. However, if you qualified in the previous calendar year, your benefits carryover until June 30 of the following year even if you are unable to maintain a FF/500 status level.  If by June 30 of the calendar year you are maintaining your current level, you will continue at your current level OR be moved to the applicable FF/500 Status.

When can I enjoy my FF/500 Status Benefits?

soon as you successfully reach the thresholds of each status, you can start enjoying your benefits.

Who gets to go to the Rifco Dealer Partner Conference?

Silver dealers will receive 1 complimentary trip and Gold dealers will receive 2 complimentary trips (based on double occupancy). Qualification cut off is end of December.

The Dealer Conference occurs every February, and location and dates are announced a year in advance.


Will I get a 'dedicated buyer'?

One of the benefits you will be gaining is the support of a dedicated credit analyst/buyer.

How do I receive my custom merchandise?

Rifco is known for their awesome swag. Your DPD will have fun and useful Rifco Marketing items just for Fast Forward 500 Dealers, the higher the level, the better the swag.

Are there any fees associated with The Club?

No fees!

Who is eligible to enroll in the FF/500 Loyalty Program?

If you are an authorized business or finance employee, at a Rifco active and enrolled automobile dealership, you are eligible to enroll, and become a Member in the Program.

Do I keep my status if I move dealerships?

Yes, your FF/500 Status remains with you no matter what dealership you move to. In order to receive the benefits, the dealerships you are at must be active with Rifco.