Frequently Asked Questions

How can I qualify? What are the requirements?

You must be enrolled with Rifco for a minimum 3 months to qualify. Your Dealer Partner Development Representative will personalize a target for you based on the program’s qualification requirements and your dealership.

What are the levels and what distinguishes them?

We have three different status levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the status, the more privileges will be offered. Being in The Club means you will be placed as a top priority. Please see what the different levels offer HERE .

Who should I talk to, to get started up?

Contact your Dealer Partner Development Representative (DPDR)

Does the 'Bonus Dealer Reserve' go directly to the Business Manager or the Dealership?

All reserves, as well as additional regional contests and promotions are given in accordance with dealership policies.

Who gets to go to the Rifco Dealer Partner Conference?

Depending on your status, Bronze dealers will be invited to participate in the conference, while Silver dealers will receive 1 complimentary trip and Gold dealers will receive 2 complimentary trips. All Graduates must maintain their status a minimum of 2 months prior to the dealer conference in order to qualify. Qualification cut off is end of August. Silver and Gold Dealers also have the opportunity to add another complimentary guest if the Dealership decides to for go the quarterly bonus cheque (cheques issued as long as requirements are met) and accrue the dollar amount for an additional guest.

The Dealer Conference occurs every November, and location and dates are announced a year in advance.

Your DPDR will communicate with you and your dealer principle to discuss who will physically attend the conference according to dealership policy.

Will I get a 'dedicated buyer'?

One of the benefits you will be gaining is the support of a dedicated credit analyst/buyer.

When does the '60 Day Deferral' start?

It will start the day you qualify into the Fast Forward 500 Club, this is a benefit for all Club members. If you choose the 60 day deferral option, it will be available in the drop down menu on your worksheet in Dealertrack.

How do I receive my quarterly custom merchandise?

Rifco is known for their awesome swag. Your DPD will have fun and useful Rifco Marketing items just for Fast Forward 500 Dealers, the higher the level, the better the swag.

Are there any fees associated with The Club?

No fees!

If a Business Manager who has Fast Forward 500 Club privileges relocates to another dealership, do the benefits and status transfer with the Business Manager?

Fast Forward 500 benefits are tacked to the dealership not the business office. You will have to re-qualify at the new location, however depending on the longevity of the relationship some exceptions are made.

I had custom merchandise points, what do I do with them?

Custom merchandise points program is no longer active. With feedback provided by our dealers we have changed the program so our sales team now will have some awesome quarterly swag to give out without the hassle of points!