For over 20 years, Rifco has been leading and innovating auto financing.

From our first loan granted in Red Deer in 2002 to hitting our billion dollars lent milestone in 2019— we’ve long committed to evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the partnerships we serve.

After years of growth, we’re ready for another evolution. Under President and COO, Roger Saran, our leadership looked inward to align our one common purpose and establish a consistent approach to who and what Rifco means to our people, our partners, and the public. We’ve always been here to provide better service and value for our auto sales partners, dedicating ourselves to bettering our products and processes for our dealers and their customers. But now, we’re actively defining it.

To better represent our purpose, Rifco has created and launched a bold and simplified master brand that will effectively serve dealers and their clients, drive a seamless experience, and strengthen Rifco’s vision of being an innovative lender for the modern world.

Our new brand is a nod to what has come before while moving forward into the new. The supporting visuals and content system is bold, confident, and emphasizes human connection by putting our partners and stakeholders at the center of everything we do.

“We’ve been evolving for years. Facing challenges. Surviving threats. Grasping opportunities. Becoming who we are today. Creating what we are today. This refreshed brand lays out where we are in that evolution,” says Roger Saran.

Welcome to the new, improved, and streamlined Rifco brand. You’re part of the Rifco evolution by being here, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.