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Innovative Auto Finance Solutions for today’s automotive dealers.


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It’s all about how we buy, not what we buy. Rifco is positioned to help dealers book more, faster.

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Innovative systems make approvals fast and simple.

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Financing is comparable across the market, delivered faster.


Focused on the most profitable way of getting deals done.


What Our Partners Say

Working with Rifco has been awesome because of their swift income verification process. Their credit team is accommodating and approachable. They assisted with a difficult case that was heading towards a competitor.

The team's timely actions not only restored our customer's faith, but also brought in referrals. Rifco exceeded our expectations.


Our success through 2022 was largely based on the help and guidance we received from our friends at Rifco.  Specifically Rob Huckle, Chris Dyck and the wonderful people in Credit and Funding. 

We do not view Rifco as a lender, we view them as Partners.
No Partnership can work without give and take.


Attending the RIFCO conference was an amazing experience for the dealership as they had the opportunity to connect with top performers nationwide, share best practices, and discuss common challenges.

The event provided a great platform to network and establish deeper connections with RIFCO, which cemented the company as a premium lender, motivating the dealership to continue working with them.


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Profit Through Partnership

We work closely with leading industry experts to bring you the best financial solutions.

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It simply makes sense to partner with Rifco for your non-prime, full spectrum, automotive financing.

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