Dealer Financing

Rifco’s auto financing is available to both franchise and independent dealers who want to create a partnership. Rifco’s personalized service is one of our greatest strengths towards getting vehicles financed.

How Does Rifco Do Lending Differently?

  1. We invest in long-term relationships.

    We’re nothing without our dealer partners and we reward them with an industry leading loyalty program, the Fast Forward 500 Club. Our stable team is committed to being reasonable, fun and friendly – something you don’t hear from the big banks.

  2. We know prompt service is table stakes.

    We’ll return your call quickly and will always have an answer, but it’s more than that. We have dedicated account representatives, in both Sales and Dealer Services, who are long-term employees. They will know your needs before you call.

  3. Our approach to lending is rooted in common sense.

    We listen and we work with you to solve problems – no matter how complex they happen to be. With our range of progressive financing options you will always get an approach that’s fair and fresh, not one that’s out of a box. Rifco currently operates in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

Ready to Become a Dealer?