Rifco’s auto financing is available to both franchise and independent dealers who want to create a partnership. Rifco’s personalized service is one of our greatest strengths towards getting vehicles financed.

How Does Rifco Do Lending Differently?

  1. Every Day We’re Hustlin’

    Our team digs deeper, and works harder, because fulfilling our mission and vision requires intense focus. We’re sharp, we’re witty and we’re energized by overcoming challenges to become the best partner around.

  2. Suave but Mostly Savvy

    We don’t change for the sake of technology; our drive to lead serves a purpose – simplifying and expediting the delivery of lending services for dealers and their customers. Challenging the status quo is our norm, and once partners learn the Rifco Way, they can’t imagine any other!

  3. No Crying over Spilt Milk

    We own it – the good, the bad, the lessons. Our first question is how do we make this better? Second, who’s leading the charge? We are accountable to lead ourselves, dealers, customers and partners forward. We don’t look to the past; we focus on the future.

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